• Miracle Hill Ministries - Turkey Fry

    Ministry Partner

    You can help give towards this cause by bringing canned sodas on Sunday November 12.


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    Prayer Points

    • The Love of Christ would shine through their work.

    • Those in need would hear the Gospel.

    • Those in addiction recovery would stay strong on their path to recovery.

  • Nai in India

    Unreached People Group (UPG)


    They are a Frontier People Group (FPG), which means they have:

    • Virtually no followers of Jesus

    • No known movements to Jesus

    • 0.1% or fewer people who profess they are Christians

    • Population: 14,275,000

    • Primary Language: Hindi

    • Religion: Hinduism (99.93%)

    • Percentage of Christians: 0% recorded

    Prayer Points

    • That the Lord guides evangelists and church planters to this people group

    • That the Lord provides for the physical and spiritual needs of these people as a testimony of His power and love

    • That the heart's of the people will be open to truly hearing and accepting the Gospel

  • Woodside Community - Woodside Lofts


    Prayer Points

    • Access to share the Gospel with tenants.

    • Good conversations with workers at the loft apartments.

    • Opportunities for us to get involved.

    • That those of the 309 apartments would recognized their need for a Savior.

  • Hunter Benson

    Mission Partner


    • Serving at a school in Mexico

    Prayer Points

    • Language development in Spanish

    • Strength as she finishes the semester before the holidays.

    • Opportunities to share with children in her school and people in her community.